Comedian, Emcee, Speaker, etc... 

Even with the best intentions any event can end up feeling… so… boring. I take great pride and delight by infusing Funny, Freshness and Flow to any event without dropping the other F-word. Hire me to be your comedian, emcee or keynote speaker and we will have a Fantastic time. 

I whole heartedly endorse Clifford Prang. He is Funny! His humour is clean and self-deprecating and he has a great way of warming up an audience and putting everyone at ease at the same time.

Calvin Dyck

Producer of Songs Strings and Steps

Cliff has worked here as a director, emcee, improv actor, workshop instructor and even as an auctioneer! He's a really funny guy both on-stage and off, but he's also professional, good to work with, has a genuine heart for people, and is committed to artistic and comedic excellence. We highly recommend him!

Ken Hildebrandt

Gallery 7 Theatre - Executive/Artistic Director

Cliff has the uncanny ability to get people laughing, using their imagination, and dreaming of new ways to see the world. He’s VERY funny, in part because he’s so good at reading his audience and making the presentation fit the group. Cliff's preparation, delivery and follow-up was thorough, well executed, effective and kept everyone in stitches.

Rod Santiago

Abbotsford Community Services - Executive Director

I love you so much for being hilarious without being crude. Sincerely. That is such a tremendous gift. (My sides were aching.)

Natalie Norton

Audience Member - Gilbert, AZ.