Comedian, Emcee, Producer, etc... 

Cliff Prang is professionally funny. He creates custom comedic content for your event, promotional campaign, etc..

To be clear about et cetera, Cliff will NOT perform at your kid's birthday party or emcee your wedding, because out of the worst possible places to be, those have got to be at the top of the list.

As long as it is neither or those two scenarios, contact Cliff and he would be delighted to discuss your ideas and needs.

But seriously, Cliff has done stand up at a Funeral and would rather do that than meet your kids.

You can't be disappointed with a show produced by and featuring Cliff Prang. Not only is he funny and smart, his dedication to customer service is unsurpassed. Cliff will always go the extra mile to ensure your audience has a great experience and that he exceeds his client's expectations.

Scott. D. Campbell

Mennonite Central Committee - Advancement Director

Thank you for hosting our event! Everyone I have talked to has been raving about how fun you made the evening and how funny you were. We could not have done it without you! We appreciated your sensitivity to the group and thought you did such a great job.

Heather Nickel

Alderidge Construction

Thanks for your direction and for keeping the evening running so smoothly - you were amazing! We're still laughing about some of your Dutch jokes and "wishing Brian Minter was your dad" (so funny!)

The Bruinsma Girls

Cultivate Farm-to-Table Dinner

Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL job you did. I had so many compliments about you!! We were thrilled to have raised over $50,000 which beats last year’s total of $33,000.

Liz Lynch

Chilliwack Hospice Society - Executive Director

I whole heartedly endorse Clifford Prang. He is Funny! His humour is clean and self-deprecating and he has a great way of warming up an audience and putting everyone at ease at the same time.

Calvin Dyck

Producer of Songs Strings and Steps

Cliff has worked here as a director, emcee, improv actor, workshop instructor and even as an auctioneer! He's a really funny guy both on-stage and off, but he's also professional, good to work with, has a genuine heart for people, and is committed to artistic and comedic excellence. We highly recommend him!

Ken Hildebrandt

Gallery 7 Theatre - Executive/Artistic Director

Our Wellness Committee had the pleasure of bringing in Funny Brothers Improv for a “Laugh Thru Lunch” session. Cliff and Steven were entertaining and very comical! The audience was very much engaged and amused by their improv performance. What a great way to spend a lunch hour!

Nadine Power

Abbotsford Community Services - Wellness Committee

Working with Cliff Prang is an absolute pleasure - his incredible talent, charisma, and professionalism have helped make all of our events resounding successes. His ability to effortlessly engage the audience and keep them laughing throughout is truly remarkable. What truly sets Cliff apart is his easy-going and collaborative nature, always receptive to ideas and seamlessly adapting his performance to suit the event's unique requirements. I highly recommend Cliff for any occasion where laughter and entertainment are a must – you won't find a more talented and easy-to-work-with individual.

Chrissy Borseth

City of Abbotsford

We have had the pleasure of working with Cliff on a few projects ranging from video productions and event emceeing. His creativity is refreshing and endless! Cliff easily works around any obstacle presented within a production without skipping a beat and arrives at the desired outcome.

Cliff is your guy when working live shows as an emcee. He has an amazing positive spirit that can ride out any challenging situation during live performances with great professional energy. I would never hesitate to hire Cliff, always confident that we will be getting the support, collaboration and professionalism that we need for productions and live events.

Jenn McEwan, Executive Director

Abbotsford Downtown Business Association

I've had the pleasure to work with Cliff Prang on numerous events and I'm blown away by his work as a host and emcee. Cliff is smart, funny, witty and does a great job of engaging the audience no matter what the event.

Jeff Molnar

Talker Guy at QX104, Winnipeg MB

Cliff gives me hope for the lost art of MCing. He knows how to handle an audience without overpowering them or your programme. It's hard to be funny, entertaining, age and situation appropriate. Cliff has a professionalism that makes it all unfold as it should, and it's clear he loves his work. Anyone who has tried to do what Cliff does will appreciate how good he is at his job. The ability to make it fun for everyone through the whole process is a gift. I'd have him back (and intend to) in a heartbeat.

Martin Kelly

University of the Fraser Valley - Student Life Programmer

Cliff Prang has assisted the City of Abbotsford Canada Day Celebrations as emcee of the Main Stage Entertainment for 3 years. Cliff is an amazingly talented individual who brings humour and class to our event. He is very personable and therefore engages well with not only our performers but also the audience. He has contributed so well to the flow of the evening event and has demonstrated his many talents. I would not hesitate to recommend Cliff Prang as an individual who is able to contribute to the professionalism and success of seminars and events.

Lynne Harris

Abbotsford Canada Day Committee - Chair

We found Cliff from Cliff House Event Entertainment to be extremely entertaining and relevant for our member event. We could tell that he had spent time prior to his performance researching our association so he could identify with our members. He was classy, clean, and most of all funny.

Jonathan Zerkee

Canadian Home Builders Association of the Fraser Valley - President

Just thought I would let you know that both my children who attend Mouat High School thought you were one of the best presenters they had heard of and kept saying how amazing, funny and inspiring you were. Thank you for being a good role-model to them.

Lise Buitendyk

Happy Parent

Cliff's performance at the Sun Life (Fraser Valley office) Christmas party entertained a diverse crowd with humour that produced uproarious laughter consistently. It truly shows the zest and passion Cliff has in ‘tickling’ people with his words and actions!

Zerxes Bhathena, B.Com

Financial Centre Associate Manager at Sun Life Financial

Cliff has the uncanny ability to get people laughing, using their imagination, and dreaming of new ways to see the world. He’s VERY funny, in part because he’s so good at reading his audience and making the presentation fit the group. Cliff's preparation, delivery and follow-up was thorough, well executed, effective and kept everyone in stitches.

Rod Santiago

Abbotsford Community Services - Executive Director

We had the great opportunity to have an Improv Show at our comedy fundraiser event with about 300 people, They were an amazing hit for everyone, from teens to seniors and all in between. My Dad is not into comedy, but he was laughing as much or more than everyone else. It’s hard to find entertainment who is VERY funny and good for all ages. Cliff & Steven are real professionals.

Jim Romeyn

Rad Events, Langley BC

Thanks again Cliff for being part of our helped make it a big success and I am still hearing positive feedback! Many requests for the song!!!! That was probably everybody’s favorite part of the whole evening. The effort you put into that was very much appreciated.

Sandi Konrad

Annual 4H Banquet Coordinator

People are still talking about Cliff’s performance and can’t wait to see him again!

Les Talvio

Director of Cyrus Centre , Abbotsford BC

Cliff hit home. I appreciated him coming to our school and really help us set a tone for this school year. I remember a veteran teacher, Ms. Hague told me "That was one of the most powerful messages I have heard from a speaker." Cliff hit us with a powerful story that needed to be shared. He made us laugh, cry, think and reflect. Cliff challenged us to take action, to connect and reach out.

Scott Johnson V.P.

H.D. Stafford Middle School, Langley B.C.

Cliff roamed the crowd making wise cracks and joking with everyone. He set a relaxed party time mood which everyone got into and appreciated. Cliff managed our Live Auction with humour and expertise bringing in record amounts for each item. He knows how to work the crowd and how to get people bidding against each other – all in fun. We were so happy!

Jane Cooper

Mission Hospice - Executive Director

Thanks for coming out and being part of our staff training. It was so valuable to just loosen up, laugh and just be ourselves with each other as people came out of their shells. Thanks for investing in our leaders, and speaking truth and the power of camp to them.

Kevin Ratcliffe

Camp Luther

"Of all the times I've been auctioned off, Cliff has made me feel the most valuable. And that right there is priceless."

James Lepp

Kikkor Golf - Founder

The staff and Management at Sevenoaks has very much enjoyed working with Clifford due to his humor and zest for life. He works well with various ages, and is excellent with our toughest critic…teenagers! He can make anyone laugh and entertains so many to bring a smile to their face. I highly recommend Clifford Prang as an entertainer for the young and young at heart.

Tricia Dumouchel

Marketing Director Sevenoaks Shopping Centre

We had the opportunity to hear Cliff at our annual staff Christmas party. There wasn’t a moment that we were not laughing. He was entertaining, funny, tasteful. He was not raunchy, just clean fun! We would recommend him for any gathering!

Parm Oberoi, CAIB

Manager Charlesworth Insurance Services Ltd

I have seen Cliff at various events in the City. The thing I like about Cliff is his “sense of the moment”. He has a great imagination and a sharp wit. He makes people laugh by alluding to life’s incongruities, not by being lewd or crude.

George Peary

Educator & Former Mayor of Abbotsford, BC.

Cliff was age appropriate, inclusive to our South Asian population & funny!

Sandra Schols

Eugene Reimer Middle School - Vice Principal

Cliff manages to incorporate funny things into everything he does.

Gabriel Gresham

Former W.J. Mouat High School Student

Cliff was engaging and funny with a very clear message of the importance of community. Due to the overwhelming positive response from our students we made Cliff a key part of our orientation team. He created an easy atmosphere that spoke to building networks in diverse communities and connecting personal development with the educational journey. One student said “Cliff Prang was so awesome and made me feel less awkward about today.”

Jill Harrison

University of the Fraser Valley - Student Life Coordinator

Thank YOU Cliff! You were fantastic!!!

Julie Nickel

Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre - Program Director

I love you so much for being hilarious without being crude. Sincerely. That is such a tremendous gift. (My sides were aching.)

Natalie Norton

Audience Member - Gilbert, AZ.

You were amazing. Everyone loved you!! We can't thank you enough!!! You made our gala!! Thanks Cliff!!

Donna Lifford

Mission Hospice Gala

I honestly have not laughed that hard in a long, long time. My sides were cramping up and face was hurting!! We were absolutely impressed, left wanting to hear more, and wondering when we can see his stand-up again?!

Christy Tyler

Audience Member - Chicago, Illinois.

Cliff is one of the funniest people I've ever seen live. I honestly don't think I've ever laughed so hard. I wish I could get Cliff On Demand to hear his standup or watch his improv whenever I want.

Michael McManus

Audience Member - Philadelphia, PA

In between nearly peeing my pants and spitting my coffee I realized I was listening to the quality comedy you rarely get to hear nowadays. Funnier than the late night stuff on TV, funnier than the bar comedian. What was even more interesting in hindsight was that nothing Cliff said was offensive, objectionable or laden with curse words. That takes a whole new level of genius to pull off.

Neil Gaudet

Audience Member - Vancouver Island, BC.

My sides and face hurt from laughing so hard after witnessing the amazingness that is Cliff and Steven's improv. I'd go again and again and again just to laugh some more. Laughter is awesome.

Josh Solar

Hello Happiness Card Co. - Kansas City, MO.

Funny Brothers Improv did awesome! I like the fact that you guys kept all the jokes and everything really clean without having to use racist/offensive foul language in order to keep things funny. You guys are absolutely brilliant and loved how creative you were with each act.

Justin Lee

Audience Member - New York, New York.

These two guys made my day! Absolutely hilarious and so incredibly talented. I can not wait for another show. Thank you Steven and Cliff for sharing your talent and making all of us literally LOL. :)

Vidyuta Rangekar

Audience Member - Lexington, Kentucky.

Cliff and Steven are hilarious, creative and extremely talented. They did a great job of incorporating the audience into their performance in a way that seemed almost effortless. Watching them perform was a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Rachelle Rawlings

Audience Member - Houston Texas.

I seriously cannot remember the last time that I laughed for twenty minutes straight. Not only were his jokes incredibly, tear-jerkingly funny, but his delivery and timing is impeccable! My face hurt from laughing so hard. This guy is amazing!!

Jenny Solar

Happy Family Movement - Kansas City, MO.

We hired Clifford to provide a comedy routine at our corporate Christmas party. I was thoroughly impressed with Clifford's ability to entertain with both a scripted comedy routine, and hilarious games, as well as impromptu jokes & commentary. Some of the jokes are still circulating our office and jobsites.

Jake Kostelyk

President and Co-Owner at Kenorah Design + Build

I have attended countless fundraisers and auctions and Cliff simply made this the one for so much more fun. It is difficult to control your wallet when you are laughing so hard. It makes financial sense to hire Clifford Prang to be your emcee and auctioneer.

Darian Kovacs

Jelly Marketing - Founder and Inspired Leader

I have never heard positive feedback about a Christmas party until this year. Lesley said, "That was the best birthday party I ever had." I think she missed the point of the evening but she signs the checks so who cares! You kept everyone laughing and they loved how you personalized your comments.You surpassed my expectations.

Jon Kinneman

Algra Bros. Developments

I have heard nothing but positive things from staff and students. You engaged the audience with your humour and anecdotal stories. You carried the audience through the highs and lows of your personal journey, causing them to reflect on their own experience and choices. In short, you were awesome.

Erin McAstocker

Rosedale Traditional School

Cliff makes me laugh whether he is performing or not. I've had the pleasure of seeing him on stage and he is great, but he also has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people in a corporate training setting. Looking Stupid and learning to laugh can be used in everyday life and it's something that I reflect on often.

Don Beer

Former Chief - Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service

Cliff Prang is equal parts sweet and spicy. His clever mix of edgy and safe material make him a crowd pleaser and a comic’s comic in equal measure. He puts the crowd at ease and then peppers them with punchlines that you won’t see coming.

Comedian MATT FALK

CBC Debaters, Winnipeg Comedy Fest, JUST FOR LAUGHS etc.