Professional Emcee

Funny, Smooth & On Schedule.

The most overlooked and under-budgeted component of an event is the emcee. Often the planning committee will default to a board member and will try to forget that the program was drier than the roast beef that had gone cold while they droned on.

I work closely with your organization to ensure that I fulfill your objectives and communicate your content. 

I flavor each transition and mundane instruction with comedy, personality & professionalism.

I stay 'on top of it' yet thrive in the 'off the cuff' moments that would stump most others.

In many situations a great emcee is all the entertainment you need

I've had the pleasure to work with Cliff Prang on numerous events and I'm blown away by his work as a host and emcee. Cliff is smart, funny, witty and does a great job of engaging the audience no matter what the event.

Jeff Molnar

Talker Guy at QX104, Winnipeg MB

Cliff gives me hope for the lost art of MCing. He knows how to handle an audience without overpowering them or your programme. It's hard to be funny, entertaining, age and situation appropriate. Cliff has a professionalism that makes it all unfold as it should, and it's clear he loves his work. Anyone who has tried to do what Cliff does will appreciate how good he is at his job. The ability to make it fun for everyone through the whole process is a gift. I'd have him back (and intend to) in a heartbeat.

Martin Kelly

University of the Fraser Valley - Student Life Programmer

Cliff Prang has assisted the City of Abbotsford Canada Day Celebrations as emcee of the Main Stage Entertainment for 3 years. Cliff is an amazingly talented individual who brings humour and class to our event. He is very personable and therefore engages well with not only our performers but also the audience. He has contributed so well to the flow of the evening event and has demonstrated his many talents. I would not hesitate to recommend Cliff Prang as an individual who is able to contribute to the professionalism and success of seminars and events.

Lynne Harris

Abbotsford Canada Day Committee - Chair

Having Cliff MC our event was a great experience. He was engaging while still maintaining our organization's vision and values. We would love to have him MC our future events.

Bethany Swallow

Jam in Jubilee - Organizing Committee

Thank you for hosting our event! Everyone I have talked to has been raving about how fun you made the evening and how funny you were. We could not have done it without you! We appreciated your sensitivity to the group and thought you did such a great job.

Heather Nickel

Alderidge Construction

Thanks for your direction and for keeping the evening running so smoothly - you were amazing! We're still laughing about some of your Dutch jokes and "wishing Brian Minter was your dad" (so funny!)

The Bruinsma Girls

Cultivate Farm-to-Table Dinner