Going Once... Going Twice... SOLD!

You need to raise money without killing the fun and flow of your event. What if I told you that your auction could be equal parts hilarious, purposeful & productive? Give me some space and time and items to sell and I will turn your auction into the most memorable part of your evening! 

True statement: Auctions don't have to be boring.

Another true statement: It can be fun to part with your money. 

Final True Statement: I make both true statements true at the same time.


Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL job you did. I had so many compliments about you!! We were thrilled to have raised over $50,000 which beats last year’s total of $33,000.

Liz Lynch

Chilliwack Hospice Society - Executive Director

Cliff roamed the crowd making wise cracks and joking with everyone. He set a relaxed party time mood which everyone got into and appreciated. Cliff managed our Live Auction with humour and expertise bringing in record amounts for each item. He knows how to work the crowd and how to get people bidding against each other – all in fun. We were so happy!

Jane Cooper

Mission Hospice - Executive Director

"Of all the times I've been auctioned off, Cliff has made me feel the most valuable. And that right there is priceless."

James Lepp

Kikkor Golf - Founder

I have attended countless fundraisers and auctions and Cliff simply made this the one for so much more fun. It is difficult to control your wallet when you are laughing so hard. It makes financial sense to hire Clifford Prang to be your emcee and auctioneer.

Darian Kovacs

Jelly Marketing - Founder and Inspired Leader