Run for the Cured Meats

Yesterday a report highlighting the dangers of cured meats was released to the world and social media jumped all over it. As a family who lives off of a steady diet of hot dogs I cringed at the idea that it MAY cause cancer when I know for certainty that they DO cause campfires. I realize that we should make some adjustments to our eating habits because we love our children, but first a few jokes...

Just learned that bacon, hotdogs and other processed meats cause Vegans.

I don’t think meat causes Cancer, rather Vegans cause Cancer ... because of their stress inducing judgment.

So maybe I do murder chickens… but Vegans murder happiness.

Take Wheat beer for example.  Gross. Wheat beer is a vegan invention.  How about some meat beer? I say Chops, NOT hops.

I ordered Vegan once and I was choked when they brought me lentils, because I wanted to eat a Vegan... I hear they are organic grain fed.  

My beef is that you just can’t compare eating ham to smoking a cigarette… unless, of course, you are smoking the ham.  Do we now have to stand 4 meters away from a building to eat our sandwiches? What about E-Ham… Is E-Ham okay?  

Jokes aside… let’s be part of a healthier and happier Canada. Please sponsor me to #runforthecuredmeats