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40 is Funny: Funeral and Fundraiser

My dear friend, Scott Campbell, and I share a birth year, wedding year, several years of touring comedy, and we also share a weird sense of humour. Scott's B-Day is in April and I don't officially turn 40 until November 2nd, BUT, we had a party on June 22 nonetheless. In honour of our history and bond we wanted to celebrate our lives by throwing an epic party & comedy show that could not be done any other way than as a funeral.

That took a dark turn. There's more...

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Valley Vision

May 6th 2015 was a great day.  

From 7:45am - 3:45pm I emcee'd LeaderCast 2016 at the Highstreet Cinemas and heard a lot about visionary leadership from amazing speakers, teachers and business leaders. 

From 7:30pm - 10:00pm I participated and performed in the Fraser Valley Comedy 1 year anniversary show and I saw visionary leadership in action. YO TRIEU, a local coffee rep, has translated his love for comedy into a successful comedy scene and he has dragged me along for ride.

This post is the coupling with what I learned during the day, with what I have seen exemplified through working with YO this past year. 


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I have a few things that are my staple services:  Stand Up Comedy, Improv Comedy & Emcee'ing. Teaching and Speaking are my former career skills and are also creeping back into my regular routine and repertoire. BUT once a year, in the month of NOVEMBER, which is my favourite month because its my birthday month, I also get to play dress up and read stories to kids.  So, along with a school assembly, emceeing a couple of fundraisers, and telling some jokes, Clifford the Elf will also be making his 4th annual appearances. 

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2 Shows Too Funny

Sometimes the best way to find opportunities to do what you love is to create your own opportunities to do what you love.

On May 2, I did just that.  2 Comedy Shows.   One squeaky clean family friendly improv matinee and one stand up show at night for just the adults.   

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2 Comedy Shows on May 2!

Two (different) Comedy Shows on May 2:

2 Comedy Shows
  • Show # 1 - 4pm for All Ages.  Funny Brothers Improv & Musical Guest Marika Siewert
    Tickets: $10 or $30 for a Family of 4
  • Show # 2 at 8pm. Stand Up Comedy (w/o the kids) featuring Robyn Roukema, Cliff Prang, Tia Glenn-Cooke & headliner John Cullen 
    Tickets: $15

Benefiting the Abbotsford Food Bank's StarFish and Heroes of Hope Program.  Cash and Food Donations invited.

Location: Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, Abbotsford, BC. Tickets can be purchased at Spruce Collective or at