On Monday I am turning 39 years old. I don't feel 39. I do feel thankful though. When I look back over the year I can recall some high points as well as some low points. I have won some and failed a wee bit more. More importantly, I have made key discoveries that I'd like to share:   


It's popping up. Everywhere. I call this phase POST-PUBERTY.  What is worse is that Conair has not created a nose and ear hair trimmer man enough for me. I have broken two.


I have one. It's not invisibility. In fact, it's awkwardness. The more awkward you feel... the more in control I feel. Are you still thinking about my body hair? A better example: At a casting studio for an audition (I have had close to 60 this past year), dude walks in on me in the bathroom stall. I was texting, he walked in, he swore, I apologized, he apologized and then I proceeded to make a joke... no response. As we sat across from each other in the actual audition room, I attempted to engage him and make nice, but he would not or could not make eye contact with me. Huh?  I was the one who was indisposed, yet he was the one who was seemingly embarrassed. I felt alive. HA! I walked into the casting room with more confidence than ever because it dawned on me that it doesn't matter if I fail, lose, or get exposed. Just be. That said, I did not book that commercial. I have only booked 3 of the 60 that I have tried for but I am finally feeling relaxed and having fun in the process. (One commercial I booked just happened to be narrated by Morgan Freeman). It's not that I don't care what others think of me... I DO (otherwise I wouldn't have told you that I booked a commercial narrated by Morgan Freeman), BUT I am caring less and less and finding more and more freedom being myself and not taking myself too seriously. I call this the POWER of LOOKING STUPID.


While I may worry less about whether or not you accept me  As I adventure down this road of trusting myself and finding that freedom to be myself, I also want YOU to experience that. That is my intent: To entertain you and inspire you and as I learn, hopefully you will too. So yeah, I am happy to hear your jokes and stories and lessons too. 

Let's laugh together, learn together and lean into living together.