Am I good enough?

REJECTION is a big part of acting and comedy and well... a bunch of other jobs (talked to any car salespeople or telemarketers lately?). 

I have had many auditions over the past few weeks, with some call backs and have even been on hold for a couple. Hold is when you are one of their top choices but they still have some deciding to do. Hold is awesome because it means you impacted the production team and you are on the right path in your work. Hold is also torture, because... it just is. So close, but still no guarantees. 

I read the following SPLITSIDER article this morning while still on hold for my latest attempt and found comfort and encouragement in the words.

How Do You Know If You’re Good?

And hey, guess what? I booked the commercial. I am super thankful to my wife, friends and family who keep believing in me. (NO, I did not win an Oscar - just thankful) To my agent for putting me in front of the casting directors. I also had a great scene partner, Gaylene Burton in the call back. And to my PJ pants... you helped me get their attention on day 1, even though they only asked for jeans. (This is the POWER of LOOKING STUPID)


Can't wait to be back on set Friday. With this booking in hand I once again resonate my favourite quote from Steve Martin,

"Through the years, I have learned that there is no harm in charging oneself up with delusions between moments of valid inspiration." 

Trust yourself. Trust your supporters. Wear PJ's to work. Don't give up.