The Power of Starting Something Stupid

I read a book and I liked it (sing to the tune of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl").

In THE POWER OF STARTING STUPID, Richie Norton puts into words our need to fulfill dreams and he highlights the many obstacles that we use as excuses to never truly pursue our passions.  

Richie's primary point is that in order to move from INACTION, we must first "CRUSH FEAR".

I admittedly have an anxiety issue.  Sometimes my throat closes and I gag before a show.  Sometimes in preparation for a presentation my framework is so blurry that the idea of typing it out paralyzes me into procrastination.  I have voices that challenge the merit and humour of my content.  Interestingly enough... things have typically always worked out and even in the 'off' shows or my personal 'failures' I have still managed to engage and entertain the audience and I walk away with satisfied clients.  It always works out. I'd encourage you to read a few quotes on my site.  That's the dumb luck that keeps me coming back for more and ultimately drives me to make a career out of this terrifying task.  Some day I will tell you about my worst gig ever, but not today, because my point is that even in my stress, fear and procrastination I still learn and grow and ultimately find enough success to keep saying YES.

I once described my career to a friend as "a hobby that pays".  He then retorted, "yah, but most people's hobby doesn't require them to stand naked in front of an audience".  Fair enough. Forbes magazine just listed Actor and Event Planner in the top 10 MOST Stressful Jobs... right next to jobs where life or death actually hung in the balance.  For me that emphasizes once again that my work is not noble, rather STUPID.  Jerry Seinfeld so eloquently quips that people would rather die than speak in front of people.  As an actor, comedian and public speaker I have clinically proven excuses that I could use to say NO and QUIT and everyone would understand.  But I refuse.  I have not managed to CRUSH FEAR, but I am learning to manage FEAR and CRUSH regret.  I am moving forward in my dreams and passions in spite of reasonable doubt and I challenge you to do the same.  You also have a plethora of legitimate excuse to play it safe... BUT are you willing to look back on your life and say "If only" or "I should have"  or "If I could go back in time..."

Regret is no way to live (or end) our lives.  So, if you have any inklings, it may be time to make some adjustments in your mental framework to start something that you may have once considered stupid.  Reading the book will help, but then do something about it. Thank you Richie for the inspiration and I hope to have a similar impact on my own audience.