My mom named me Clifford.

My mom named me Clifford.  Audiences laugh when I tell them that my name is Clifford.  Kind of cruel.  I get it, though.  Clifford the Big Red Dog.   Cliff Hanger.  Cliff Clavin from Cheers.  "Hey, Cliff, drop over some time!" is a favourite at the senior centre.

Mom got her inspiration from 1960's pop sensation... Cliff Richard was her favourite singer.  I was her favourite son (at this point, my sisters like to remind me that I was her only son).  Mom had hoped for a famous pop star as a son, but got me instead.

Cliff and I are both performers, but we are a little different.  More specifically, he's a singer and I am less old.  At the age of 74, I think it's pretty incredible that Cliff Richard is doing what he loves to do.  Though his music is slightly less inspiring to me then his most recent photo calendar (the open shirt shot on the beach was disconcerting), I am moved by the fact that he continues to produce and share his art after all of these years.  

I hope and trust that I will follow Cliff's example and press on in creativity and performance as long as my mind and body will allow. Thanks to the belief and support that my mom (and dad) have poured into me from day 1, I know that is within the realm of possibility.  I believe that for you as well.  It's never too late and you are never too old and your name is never too dumb.  Good luck!