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Thank You Jerry Seinfeld

For our 16th anniversary, my wife bought us tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Queen Elizabeth theatre in Vancouver.  It was also part birthday present, because not sure if you know this, Jerry Seinfeld is a pretty big deal (and ticket).  That said, our babysitter had never seen his TV show, his stand up and didn’t even know who he was… at all.  I am quite positive it was the first time I had one of those “what planet have you been living on?” moments.  Great kid, but no longer allowed around my children until she is educated.  Even my 6 year old knows Jerry Seinfeld thanks to BEE Movie. Her parents clearly failed her. 

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Michael Jr Comedy

People always ask me what comedians I like to watch.  Answers include Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK, Ellen, Jerry Seinfeld, Mike Birbiglia... love them.  But I have a new answer.  Michael Jr Comedy.  And it's not that I just want to watch him.  I want to follow him.  Yeah... like a real creep.  

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My mom named me Clifford.

My mom named me Clifford.  Audiences laugh when I tell them that my name is Clifford.  Kind of cruel.  I get it, though.  Clifford the Big Red Dog.   Cliff Hanger.  Cliff Clavin from Cheers.  "Hey, Cliff, drop over some time!" is a favourite at the senior centre.

Mom got her inspiration from 1960's pop sensation... Cliff Richard was her favourite singer.  I was her favourite son (at this point, my sisters like to remind me that I was her only son).  Mom had hoped for a famous pop star as a son, but got me instead.

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