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Crash Clifford

Mom had a nickname for me: Crash Clifford. I've had a few accidents. I had another one... recently.
On October 28th 2016 I was heading West on Hiway 1 in Abbotsford BC to have lunch with a friend. I was just past the McCallum Rd Exit when a pick up truck swerved into my lane. I…


I went away on a retreat and I learned some things that I believe will also benefit you. Here it is.
It is my job to produce content. I write jokes and stories and put together show lineups etc. for the consumption and entertainment and/or inspiration of an audience. I do this…

Valley Vision

I heard a lot about Visionary Leadership at Leadercast 2016 on Friday and then I watched Visionary Leadership in Action at Fraser Valley Comedy's 1 year anniversary show the same night.
Andy Stanley spoke first thing Friday about the difference between Clarity and Integrity.  While many people value Integrity, they will actually follow Clarity. He used Hitler as…