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Kids are Racist

I write jokes. I try jokes. I tweak jokes. Usually they get better. I had a blast January 9th when my good buddy Sunee Dhaliwal invited me to feature before his killer headlining set at the newly opened Yuk Yuks in Abbotsford BC. Read and listen to my "KIDS ARE RACIST" bits below:


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A Poem

Every morning I look out the same window. At this time of year the scene is a daily highlight. Mist & cloud floating across my view of Majuba Hill. Yarrow is pretty. Sun comes and goes and the view is constantly shifting. It's amazing what we can see when we actually stop long enough to look. This morning it reminded me of hopefulness and bravery to do what is right, but hard, but also good. 

I wrote a poem about it:

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Egg Rolls & Slippers

My wife, Sharalee, and I had returned from a weekend in Portland in time to watch the SuperBowl. Just us, our pull-out couch and a Costco sized box of eggrolls.  Sharalee became physically ill, partly due the quantity and quality of food that we inhaled and partly because the New England Patriots had just beat the Philadelphia Eagles to win the game. We loved Donovan McNabb and his kind smile. Projecting that she would be making multiple trips to the lavatory throughout the night (not sure if there is a more polite way to say that), she chose to sleep in the living room and I made the noble sacrifice of going to bed in our room. I am a very good husband.

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A Christmas Story

I wrote a story. It's true. My folks said it was okay to share. They almost agreed on all the details. Here it goes:

A Dairy Hairy Christmas Holiday

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