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Crash Clifford

On October 28th 2016 I was heading West on Hiway 1 in Abbotsford BC to have lunch with a friend. I was just past the McCallum Rd Exit when a pick up truck swerved into my lane. I avoided the collision by pulling onto the shoulder and accelerating past the danger and as I attempted to pull back into my lane I overcorrected. It's hard to know exactly what happened because as they say, "It all happened so fast". Long story short is that I believe I had almost gotten back on track when I was tagged on my back end twisting me directly towards the concrete median and BOOM, I became the most amazing stunt driver that never was filmed. "End over end" is what I was told by the first responders who were surprised to find me in one piece. For some stupid reason I couldn't get this photo upright, but I suppose it is fitting.


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I am an actor and comedian, BUT I used to be a pastor. Yup, people paid me to go to church. If you go to church and noone is paying you, I fear you may be doing it wrong. Ha! But seriously, I don't go anymore. It's not a rule, we just don't. I don't NOT believe, because I do. I still believe. I don't NOT have people that I love and respect and trust that still attend church and serve in churches, because I do. However, church has become a place of anxiety for me. It became a place where I felt the pressure to perform. Since I am a performer, I would prefer to reserve that *serene sense of suffocating stress for when I am receiving a check or wad of cash (*mercenary melodrama intended).

All of this to say, my soul has been thirsting for depth. My spring and summer and September were full up busy with being funny, filming, and fatherhood and as I started into the fall I was feeling spent already. Facebook warned me of an upcoming men's retreat meant for faith and re-focussing and I said yes. I was a little nervous about the aforementioned performance pressure along with maybe not knowing people, but I took the risk and was pleasantly surprised by the quality collection of dudes, the fun we had, and the all around special time it was.

Here are some reflections:

(Note: if you believe something different than me, I still wholeheartedly believe we can be friends and learn from each other... cool?) 


(Frolfing Photo: the Right Reverend Robin Mauthe on the Left, Me in the middle, our retreat facilitator and weirdo, Steve Klassen on the right.)

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Abbotsforward & Buddy Guys Forward

Most of you have never heard of the Buddy Guys. Re-Cap: we pitched a show to the CBC/ComedyCoup and it crushed! (but it did not crush enough to win all the beans.)

Ever since the glory days of working as a crew, Cassiar Mediaworks, Sunee Dhaliwal and I have longed to 'make something happen'... but who would pay for our desire to play.  

Thankfully Adam (Cassiar) had the perfect pitch for the perfect moment for the perfect organization and BOOM!

Abbotsford is GROWING and we wanted to tell newcomers that we are getting ready for them, all the while reminding current citizens that what we have is already great and it's just gonna get better. Abbotsford is moving forward and investors and business owners and home buyers and families and new immigrants should jump on this bicycle built for YOU (Too much cheese? Even so, we have the wineries to match).

Needless to say, our project took off (well, maybe we did need to say it, because who could have known). 




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40 is Funny: Funeral and Fundraiser

My dear friend, Scott Campbell, and I share a birth year, wedding year, several years of touring comedy, and we also share a weird sense of humour. Scott's B-Day is in April and I don't officially turn 40 until November 2nd, BUT, we had a party on June 22 nonetheless. In honour of our history and bond we wanted to celebrate our lives by throwing an epic party & comedy show that could not be done any other way than as a funeral.

That took a dark turn. There's more...

.cliff and last day 157208.jpgcliff and last day 157215.jpg

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