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40 is Funny: Funeral and Fundraiser

My dear friend, Scott Campbell, and I share a birth year, wedding year, several years of touring comedy, and we also share a weird sense of humour. Scott's B-Day is in April and I don't officially turn 40 until November 2nd, BUT, we had a party on June 22 nonetheless. In honour of our history and bond we wanted to celebrate our lives by throwing an epic party & comedy show that could not be done any other way than as a funeral.

That took a dark turn. There's more...

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Valley Vision

May 6th 2015 was a great day.  

From 7:45am - 3:45pm I emcee'd LeaderCast 2016 at the Highstreet Cinemas and heard a lot about visionary leadership from amazing speakers, teachers and business leaders. 

From 7:30pm - 10:00pm I participated and performed in the Fraser Valley Comedy 1 year anniversary show and I saw visionary leadership in action. YO TRIEU, a local coffee rep, has translated his love for comedy into a successful comedy scene and he has dragged me along for ride.

This post is the coupling with what I learned during the day, with what I have seen exemplified through working with YO this past year. 


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Am I good enough?

REJECTION is a big part of acting and comedy and well... a bunch of other jobs (talked to any car salespeople or telemarketers lately?). 

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Help Me Ronda

People often ask me who my favourite comedian is. Ellen is at the top of my list.  She is obviously funny, positive, and beyond the delight that she brings to her audience, she also uses her platform to do good. 

People don't ask me what my favorite sport to watch is. That is a good thing, because if they did, I would need to confess that it is MMA. In particular, like millions of others, I have followed the rise, dominance and humiliating fall of Rowdy Ronda Rousey. She boasted, she taunted and she got knocked out hard. As an audience member, I chalked it all up to good entertainment and loved all the nuances of the showmanship. However, as a person, I couldn't help but 'feel' for what she must be experiencing on an emotional level.

In the same way that you are human, athletes and entertainers are also human. "Yeah, well, they chose the spotlight, so we can say whatever we want". Uhm... not sure they chose the spotlight. That said, they did choose a pursuit that required unbelievable discipline and work ethic that led them to ridiculous success and as a by-product they were put in the spotlight because we are desperate to watch and live vicariously through what most of us don't have the courage to attempt or wherewithal to achieve. So, yeah, you are allowed to say whatever you want, but... you get it, right? People. We are all people. With feelings.

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