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Michael Jr Comedy

People always ask me what comedians I like to watch.  Answers include Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK, Ellen, Jerry Seinfeld, Mike Birbiglia... love them.  But I have a new answer.  Michael Jr Comedy.  And it's not that I just want to watch him.  I want to follow him.  Yeah... like a real creep.  

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Take off your pants.

"Male.  Ethnically Ambiguous.  Average looking (i.e. no one will mistake him for a model).  Out of shape is preferred.  Shower scene so must be comfortable without his shirt on."  

These were the specs for my audition.  Thanks for the boost in confidence!  (note the good natured sarcasm)

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The Power of Starting Something Stupid

I read a book and I liked it (sing to the tune of Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl").

In THE POWER OF STARTING STUPID, Richie Norton puts into words our need to fulfill dreams and he highlights the many obstacles that we use as excuses to never truly pursue our passions.  

Richie's primary point is that in order to move from INACTION, we must first "CRUSH FEAR".

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2 Shows Too Funny

Sometimes the best way to find opportunities to do what you love is to create your own opportunities to do what you love.

On May 2, I did just that.  2 Comedy Shows.   One squeaky clean family friendly improv matinee and one stand up show at night for just the adults.   

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