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2 Shows Too Funny

Sometimes the best way to find opportunities to do what you love is to create your own opportunities to do what you love.

On May 2, I did just that.  2 Comedy Shows.   One squeaky clean family friendly improv matinee and one stand up show at night for just the adults.   

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ABC's of Diversity

I remember the first day I saw an old dude in pyjamas and a turban on his head.  It was in Abbotsford, where I used to call home, and there were three of them on a bench.  And then there was one on a bike.  And then 8 of them playing cards.  And then there was one walking down the street with a lady in a beautiful yellow dress walking a few feet behind him (Old school, other culture, man and woman type of relational dynamic stuff).  If I walked ahead of my lady she'd probably trip me (New school, our culture, man and woman type of relational dynamic stuff).  That's another story. 

My point now is that I lived somewhere and had no idea who I was sharing that space with.  Who were these people?  I wanted to know.  My desire was further spurred to action when I received the call from my wife "Uhm... there are men with turbans and swords walking down the street." Apparently these same, but different, guys had put on some fancier PJ's and were marching in a parade to celebrate their faith and honour their culture.  What was their culture and what do they believe to be true about life and love and God?  

Thus began my slow journey to move from ignorant to not-as-ignorant.  These people were from the Punjab in India. They spoke Punjabi. Most practiced Sikhism

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2 Comedy Shows on May 2!

Two (different) Comedy Shows on May 2:

2 Comedy Shows
  • Show # 1 - 4pm for All Ages.  Funny Brothers Improv & Musical Guest Marika Siewert
    Tickets: $10 or $30 for a Family of 4
  • Show # 2 at 8pm. Stand Up Comedy (w/o the kids) featuring Robyn Roukema, Cliff Prang, Tia Glenn-Cooke & headliner John Cullen 
    Tickets: $15

Benefiting the Abbotsford Food Bank's StarFish and Heroes of Hope Program.  Cash and Food Donations invited.

Location: Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, Abbotsford, BC. Tickets can be purchased at Spruce Collective or at

My mom named me Clifford.

My mom named me Clifford.  Audiences laugh when I tell them that my name is Clifford.  Kind of cruel.  I get it, though.  Clifford the Big Red Dog.   Cliff Hanger.  Cliff Clavin from Cheers.  "Hey, Cliff, drop over some time!" is a favourite at the senior centre.

Mom got her inspiration from 1960's pop sensation... Cliff Richard was her favourite singer.  I was her favourite son (at this point, my sisters like to remind me that I was her only son).  Mom had hoped for a famous pop star as a son, but got me instead.

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